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Modern Business And Employment Representation

Level Up

Each client's needs are important. We offer personalized service and zealous representation, dedicated to achieving the best outcome for each of our clients. Prior to engaging in any matter, we do our due diligence and lay out a framework for our representation. Then we deliver. It's as simple as that. 

Jeffrey M. Curtiss has well over a decade of experience representing businesses and employees on a wide variety of matters, from initial consultations to multi-week jury trials. Whether you are involved in a contract dispute or facing a workplace investigation, you can benefit from solid legal representation grounded in years of experience.  

Reach out and Level Up.   

 " Jeff walked me through a complex employment case and when it came time to negotiate he argued effectively on my behalf." 

— P. T.

"Jeff was an invaluable employment lawyer. I reached out to him when my company asked me to sign a contract waving away my rights in exchange for a small settlement."

— M. A.

"Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in this area and has become my go-to resource for all lawsuit issues."

— D. G. 

"Three years backpay! Thank you so much for providing me with the information that helped me with my case...Thank you!"

— N. P.

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