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Advice and Counsel

Mr. Curtiss regularly provides advice and counsel to businesses and individuals in a variety of contexts. The following are typical examples of advice and counsel in the employment context:

Offer Packages 


It is generally a good idea to have offer packages reviewed prior to acceptance, especially for executives. In addition to an initial offer of employment, legal advice and counsel can make all the difference during promotions, reorganizations or changes in control. Mr. Curtiss routinely negotiates executive onboarding, advising on compensation, equity and employment terms and conditions.


Separation Agreements


Separation agreements, or severance agreements, should be reviewed by an attorney prior to being entered into, because they involve a waiver of potential legal claims by the employee against their employer. Oftentimes, these legal claims may be more valuable than the severance payment being offered. Mr. Curtiss regularly provides employees with the necessary framework in order to understand proposed separation agreements, whether or not to enter into them and how best to negotiate their terms.




Compensation disputes are on the rise. They can come about at any time in the employment relationship and present themselves in a variety of forms -- base pay, bonuses, commissions, equity (stock options, restricted stock, stock grants, etc.) expense reimbursements, overtime, unpaid wages and so on. Mr. Curtiss routinely advises employers and employees on compensation-related issues.


Workplace Investigations

If you are or suspect you will be involved in a workplace investigation, seeking timely legal advice can help minimize any downside potential for yourself. Mr. Curtiss is experienced in representing both employers and employees in investigations, providing essential preparation ahead of time and using the results of investigations to maximize the client’s position.  




Employee representation early in the termination process is essential. By the time of termination, potentially advantageous options may be closed out, limiting the employee’s compensation, not to mention professional reputation or future employment options. Mr. Curtiss works with employees to make sure that they maximize their exit and are set up to move on to their next (and better) employment option.  

Advice & Counsel


Mr. Curtiss has over a decade of experience litigating controversies. He has substantial jury and bench trial experience, as well as deep experience negotiating and resolving disputes. 

Employment Litigation

Mr. Curtiss has extensive experience representing employers and employees in a broad range of employment controversies. Typical cases involve claims for breach of contract, unpaid wages, wrongful termination, retaliation, harassment, employee theft, trade secret misappropriation and disclosure of confidential information. In his employment practice, Mr. Curtiss has recovered millions of dollars for employees and obtained early and cost-effective dismissals on behalf of employers. 

Commercial Litigation


Throughout his career, Mr. Curtiss has represented and recovered millions of dollars for businesses involved in commercial disputes. Typical cases involve claims for breach of contract, bad faith, insurance coverage, business interference and unfair competition. 

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Mr. Curtiss regularly provides advice and counsel to executives regarding compensation matters at all stages of the employment process (including onboarding, changes in control and exiting). 


Typical executive compensation issues cover base compensation, variable pay, equity grants, benefits, expense coverage and protections in the event of changes in control and premature terminations of employment. 


Every situation is different, but with one common theme: getting quality legal advice and representation in advance of any potential dispute is a worthwhile exercise. 

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